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BrightBrainsTM Sample Questions

BrightBrains Tests are designed and framed bearing in mind the quality / content of each question and its relevance to the user in practical ways, both from a knowledge testing base and applicability value of similar situations at the workplace while using a particular Software skill / Language for any project / application development.

To give you a flavour of the type of questions one would experience in our advrtised tests, please click on any selected subject below to lead you to the sample questions.

C  CPP  PHP  Android  iPhone  Java  Python
Linux  Unix  OOPS  SQL  Oracle  MySQL  Embedded
CSS  XML  Ajax  JQuery  DotNet  HTML  JavaScript
C#.Net  DataStructure   JavaBeans  VisualBasic  Perl  J2ME  Servlet
JSP  Matlab  Cobol  Photoshop  QTP  Struts  LoadRunner
OperatingSystem  SoftwareEngineering  RubyonRails  Zend  Joomla  ETL  WordPress
Magento  CloudComputing  MicroProcessor  Hadoop  MongoDB  R_ProgrammingAngularJS
Node.js  Backbone.js

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