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BrightBrainsTM Registrations – Company

Please commence filling out the registration form which is simple and self-explanatory. Typically Companies can register and have their staff members take the BrightBrainsTM Tests OR can also register for a chosen Target Third Party [external candidates, Fresh Graduates, Aspiring job-seekers etc] on whose behalf they wish to buy/pay for any selected test.

Important point here is – Your “Registered Mail Id” will be your confidential and default LOGIN USER NAME for single or repeat use of our site/services including buying/paying for tests for current staff or Target Third Parties and the “DEFAULT USER NAME” is meant to be SHARED/GIVEN to the Target Third Party [could be your current staff OR External Resources either Remote or local] who are designated to execute the tests bought on their behalf by the Company. Once you complete the form, an email confirming successful registration with the User Name/Password will arrive at your Registered Mail-Id.

Once tests are purchased, codes with clear defined headings – Current Staff or External Candidate - will reach your registered mail id, and relevant test codes should be shared with the Target Third Party [ along with DEFAULT USER NAME/PASSWORD] to enable him/her take the tests purchased by the Company. All results will arrive at the company Registered Mail Id.

Company Registration

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