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BrightBrainsTM Registrations – COLLEGE

Please commence filling out the registration form which is simple and self-explanatory. Typically Colleges can register and have their students take the BrightBrainsTM Tests OR can also register for a chosen Target Third Party [set of students] on whose behalf they wish to buy/pay for any selected test.

Important point here is – Your “Registered Mail Id” will be your confidential and default LOGIN USER NAME for single or repeat use of our site/services including buying/paying for tests for Students or Target Third Parties and the “DEFAULT USER NAME” is meant to be SHARED/GIVEN to the Students/Target Third Party who are designated to execute the tests bought on their behalf by the College. Once you complete the form, an email confirming successful registration with the User Name/Password will arrive at your Registered Mail-Id.

Once tests are purchased, codes with clear defined headings will reach your registered mail id, and relevant test codes should be shared with the Students/Target Third Party [ along with DEFAULT USER NAME/PASSWORD] to enable him/her take the tests purchased by the College. All results will arrive at the college Registered Mail Id.

College Registration

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