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Welcome to BrightBrainsTM - the center for your Software Skills assessment!

BrightBrainsTM is a company which focuses on the creation and propagation of Technical Assessment Tests for various disciplines. Presently this BrightBrains site addresses Software Skills Assessments for Software professionals - Fresher’s and experienced people alike - to measure their skills in listed 50 Globally used Software Technologies/languages.

BrightBrainsTM Management & Research Team comprises Professionals with a combined experience base of over 60 years in the field of Information Technology / Software / Training / Management and HR Functions. This rich knowledge and experience base forms the foundations of BrightBrains and offers a service which Adds Value to a broad target audience.

BrightBrainsTM is your Software Skills Assessment Centre where our highly specialized panel of experts have crafted a battery of multi-level tests which will serve as a valuable and quantitative indicator as to where your skills levels stand in any chosen topic. The tests are designed to measure Basic, Intermediate & Expert Level outcomes.

The tests also play an equally important role for Companies who either take such tests for their candidates / new hires or offer them to their employees as part of internal appraisals – to better judge and position the individual to more responsible roles within the organization or to cross-train them for other business/growth area objectives.

BrightBrainsTM Tests are for everyone.

Colleges/Institutions: HoD’s/Faculties/Training & Placement Depts/- Engineering & Technology colleges/institutes with disciplines such as Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communications Engineering, and related streams carrying courses in Software Languages/Topics can consider the use of the product for their Students in multiple ways. Internship seeking students and Final year students are one defined section benefitting significantly using the product.

Fresh Graduates: As you arrive into the job market and apply to companies, our view is that the BrightBrainsTM Tested Professional tag will allow for a definite edge over others.

Professionals: Once already in the employment situation and wishing to go up the origination ladder or switch your job, HR & Management will be suitably comforted with your being a BrightBrainsTM Tested Professional!

Companies: Companies seeking to weed out the best can use the BrightBrainsTM tests for their employees during appraisals to check out their level of competence and use the same to redeploy or cross train or promote within the same skills or reallocate to new projects within the company/client base.

In summary, these BrightBrainsTM tests are a tool that can be used in many creative ways for advancement/ betterment of students/individuals, colleges & companies.

BrightBrainsTM tests are designed to run on standard Desktops, Laptops and iPADs* under Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
[ * Please ensure that before executing any BrightBrainsTM Test Codes on an iPAD, your FaceTime settings are OFF and any Third Party iPAD Application for Mobile Calling/Receiving via iPAD is also disabled/OFF]

Thank you for visiting BrightBrainsTM. Please Register now and walk the path of success!

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