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Q(1) Joomla is an open source CMS.
A   True
B   False
Q(2) The main part of the user manager is _______.
A   container
B   authentication
C   controller
D   application
Q(1) The Mass Mail window send Email to all child groups of the parent group.
A   True
B   False
Q(2) User Management allows to _______.
A   create a user
B   delete user
C   change the password
D   All of the above
Q(1) Which of the following is correct?
A   By default, the Joomla! administration backend is only available to site administrators.
B   You can integrate XML-RPC services with the Blogger and Joomla APIs
C   The index.php file is a combination of HTML and PHP code.
D   All of the above
Q(2) What is the file for edit “Meta Generator” of Joomla ?
A   configurations.php
B   includes/application.php
C   index.php
D   administrator/index.php
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