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Q(1) Inspect operations are performed from ______.
A   right to left
B   centre to left
C   left to right
D   None of the above
Q(2) Unstring verb is used to split one string into multiple sub-strings.
A   True
B   False
Q(1) ______ supports both sequential and random access in the same program.
A   indexed
B   relative
C   random
D   Both A and B
Q(2) CODASYL stands for ______.
A   Confident on Data Systems Language
B   Conference on Data Systems Language
C   Conference on DBMS Systems Language
D   None of the above
Q(1) COBOL _______.
A   used as a self-documenting language
B   can handle huge data processing
C   is compatible with its previous versions
D   All of the above
Q(2) ___________is used to compile the program.
A   Object computer
B   Source computer
C   Class computer
D   None of these
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