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Q(1) Non-persistent cookies are removed each time the user closes the browser.
A   True
B   False
Q(2) ______ method returns the attribute for the specified name.
A   public Object getAttribute(String name)
B   public void setAttribute(String name,Object object)
C   Both A and B
D   None of the above
Q(1) Cookies are maintained at ______ side.
A   server
B   client
C   Both A and B
D   None of the above
Q(2) ______ class provides the functionality of cookies.
A   javax.http.Cookie
B   servlet.http.Cookie
C   javax.servlet.http.Cookie
D   None of the above
Q(1) Which mechanism is available in ServletContextListener interface?
A   contextInit(), contextService(), contextDestroyed()
B   contextInitialized(),contextDestroyed()
C   contextInitialized(), contextService(), contextDestroyed()
D   None of the above
Q(2) A deployment descriptor describes ______.
A   web component response settings
B   web component settings
C   web component request objects
D   None of the above
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