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Q(1) jQuery UI is the core library.
A   True
B   False
Q(2) User can use _______ character in the place of "$" sign in jQuery.
A   MooTools
B   Prototype
C   Both A and B
D   None of the above
Q(1) Which of the following is correct?
A   jQuery is a JavaScript Library.
B   jQuery is a JSON Library
C   jQuery is a JSON Class
D   None of these
Q(2) What is the correct jQuery code to set the background color of all p elements to red?
A   $("p").css("background-color","red");
B   $("p").manipulate("background-color","red");
C   $("p").style("background-color","red");
D   $("p").layout("background-color","red");
Q(1) Which of the following is the correct way to select on the basis of href using jQuery?
A   jQuery("a").href()
B   jQuery("a").attr("href")
C   jQuery("a[href="url"]")
D   jQuery("a attr[href="url"]")
Q(2) _______ is the fastest selectors in jQuery.
A   ID
B   Element
C   Type
D   Both A and B
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