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Q(1) Script names are formed from _______.
A   schema name
B   previous module version
C   current module version
D   All of the above
Q(2) Data Transforms shows the available ETLs.
A   True
B   False
Q(1) Which of the following are not type of SDLC models?
A  Big bang model
B   Agile model
C   Spiral model
D   Capability Maturity model
Q(2) Which of the following model put much more emphasis on testing?
A  Waterfall model
B   Agile model
C   Rapid action development model
D   V-V model
Q(1) In V model, why test cases are created before code?
A   To gain the confidence in the system
B   To find defects during dynamic testing
C   To meet project deadline
D   To prevent propagation of defect in next level
Q(2) What is true regarding static analysis tools?
A   It compares actual and expected result
B   It can detect memory leaks
C   gives quality information about code without executing it
D   It tell about percentage of a code coverage
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