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Q(1) Which keyword is used for correct implementation of an interface in C#.NET?
A   interface
B   interf
C   intf
D   intrf
Q(2) Which of the following is correct way of implementing an interface addition by class maths?
A   class maths : addition {}
B   class maths implements addition {}
C   class maths imports addition {}
D   All of the above
Q(1) The ______ modifier is used to hide the base class method.
A   Virtual
B   New
C   Override
D   Sealed
Q(2) What is vector in operator overloading?
A   class
B   method
C   data type
D  All of the above
Q(1) Which keyword is used to refer baseclass constructor to subclass constructor?
A   This
B   static
C   base
D   extend
Q(2) ______ statement makes interface different from classes.
A   Unlike classes, interfaces consists of only declaration but not implementation
B   Interfaces cannot be used directly like classes to create new objects
C   Interfaces consists of declaration of methods,properties events and type definitions
D   All of the above
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