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Q(1) I Can use “int” data type to store the value 32768.
A   Yes
B   No
Q(2) ________ is a modifer.
A   Storage class
B   Size
C   Interrupt
D   All of the above
Q(1) Which of these is not a proper prototype?
A   int funct(char x, char y);
B   double funct(char x)
C   void funct();
D   char x();
Q(2) What does fp point to in the program ?

int main()
    FILE *fp;
    fp=fopen("trial", "r");
    return 0;
A   The first character in the file
B   A structure which contains a char pointer which points to the first character of a file.
C   The name of the file.
D   The last character in the file.
        char *p = 0;
        *p = 'a';
        printf("value in pointer p is %c\n", *p);
A   It will print a
B   It will print 0
C   Compile time error
D   Run time error
Q(2) How will you free the memory allocated by the following program?
#define MAXROW 3
#define MAXCOL 4

int main()
    int **p, i, j;
    p = (int **) malloc(MAXROW * sizeof(int*));
    return 0;

A   memfree(int p);
B   dealloc(p);
C   malloc(p, 0);
D   free(p);
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