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Q(1) ctrl + c twice command terminates the current command in REPL.
A True
B False
Q(2) Which of the following is the correct way to get an extension of a file?
B path.extname'main.js'
C os.extname'main.js'
D None of the above
Q(1) Which of the following code prints memory usage?
A console.logprocess.memoryUsage();
B console.log'Currentversion:' +process.memory();
C console.log'Currentversion:' +process.getMemory();
D None of the above
Q(2) Output of readable stream can be input to a writable stream.
A True
B False
Q(1) Which of the following can be used to get the currently running script’s path in Node.js?
A __filename
B os.tmpdir()
C path.dirname()
D path.basename()
Q(2) Which of the following statements is false about the process object in Node.js?
A It is a local object.
B The process.exit(1) method ends the process with a “success” code.
C “process.stderr” and “process.stdout” are non-blocking if they refer to regular files or TTY file descriptors.
D All of the above
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