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Q(1) Which setting is available for scheduling a scenario?
A   Ramp Up
B   Ramp Down
C   Ramp top
D   Both A and B
Q(2) User can view the LoadRunner script in ______.
A   Tree view
B   Script view
C   Test view
D   Both A and B
Q(1) Analysis contains _______ primary windows.
A   Properties Explorer, Properties window, Properties Viewing Area
B   Session Explorer, Properties window, Graph Viewing Area
C   Intranet Explorer, Properties window, Graphics Viewing Area
D   Graph Explorer, Properties window, Graph Viewing Area
Q(2) The LoadRunner component Load Vuser create the load by running virtual users.
A   True
B   False
Q(1) Which graph can analyse each web page component relative server and network time?
A   Throughput
B   Windows Resources
C   Time to First Buffer Breakdown
D   Transaction Performance Summary
Q(2) Which of the following is the attribute of the portability Testing?
A   Adaptability
B   Installability
C   Replaceability
D   All of the above
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