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Q(1) The development environment offers ________ standard construct for data validation.
A   Super controlled loop constructs
B   Case sensitivity check
C   Validation constructs
D   All of the above
Q(2) The script tag must be placed in ______.
A   head
B   head and body
C   title and head
D   All of the above
Q(1) When a class B can extend another class A, we say that _____.
A   A is the superclass and B is the subclass
B   B is the superclass and A is the subclass
C   Both A and B are the superclass
D   Both A and B are the subclass
Q(2) The scope of a function is also called as ______.
A   The function scope
B   Module function
C   Modulated function
D   Private function
Q(1) The generalized syntax for a real number representation is _____.
A   [digits][.digits][(E|e)[(+|-)]digits]
B   [digits][+digits][(E|e)[(+|-)]digits]
C   [digits][(E|e)[(+|-)]digits]
D   None of these
Q(2) Which method is used for registering handlers?
A   on()
B   register()
C   add()
D   include()
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