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Q(1) Is it possible to use or add a fragment without using a user interface?
A   Yes
B   No
Q(2) The localization is _____.
A   representing the products in different region
B   representing the people in different languages
C   representing the people in different size
D   None of the above
Q(1) _____ is not related to fragment class.
A   DialogFragment
B   ListFragment
C   PreferenceFragment
D   CursorFragment
Q(2) onKeyUp event is called when _____.
A   user pressed key
B   user releases a pressed key
C   Both A and B
D   None of the above
Q(1) Content provider would be activated when _____.
A   using intent
B   usingSQlite
C   usingContentResolver
D   None of the above
Q(2) The ______ method accepts a single view instance.
A   myTextView
B   setContentView
C   setTextView
D   None of the above
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